Successful businesses understand lead generation, conversion and have systems to do this and to monitor success. In this section we will provide the resources and tools to help you attract and retain quality customers.

Social Media
- Strategy

This video guides you through a social media strategy and is a summary of everything you plan to do  and hope to achieve on social media.

Social Media
– Facebook

This video takes you through the 7 stages of creating a Facebook business page and provides useful tips including posting content.

Social Media
– LinkedIn

Learn about the process of creating your LinkedIn account and company page. This video includes useful tips to help you create your LinkedIn presence.

Social Media
– Twitter

Unlock the process of creating your Twitter account, including several really useful tips and guides to help you create your Twitter presence.

Social Media
- At every stage of the customer journey

Discover the 5 stages of the purchasing process / customer journey and the opportunities to maximise your presence and engage with customers and prospective customers.

Social Media
- Social Media Analytics

Analytics provide the feedback you need to establish your return on investment in social media. This module will aim to answer your questions on what can be deemed from analytics.

Social Media - The Ten Minute Social Media

Creating a 10-minute audit is a great way to understand your return on investment.  This video considers 4 important facets of social media including listening, influencing, networking and selling.

Social Media - Joining up Social Media and Lead Generation

Lead generation is a real benefit of social media. Find out how social media monitoring can also help you to establish what your target audience is interested in and which products you could potentially sell to them.

Social Media - LinkedIn Why SSI matters  

The Social Selling Index (SSI) is LinkedIn’s gauge to determine how active/featured you are on the platform.

This module provides excellent tips to ensure your company profile hits the right spot including your brand, measurement and competition.

Social Media - Facebook Business Page Engagement Strategies

Encouraging more likes, reach, shares and comments from the right people will drive engagement, and ultimately sales, to your business. This video looks at the all-important question of social media engagement and provides strategies to encourage engagement for your business page.

Social Media Training – How to use Facebook groups and keep customers

Facebook Groups enable you to communicate with people who are vital to your business. Discover how to create groups and how they can genuinely benefit your business by gaining and retaining clients.

Social Media Training – How to convert more prospects on social media


Learn how to create an engaging sales funnel, to distinguish you from competitors, to build awareness that demonstrates your expertise and to drive qualified inbound leads into your business.

Social Media Training – Creating a YouTube TV Channel and creating a loyal following

YouTube is the biggest video sharing service in the world. Learn how to create a YouTube channel to showcase what you can do for customers / potential customers and how to develop a loyal following.   

Social Media Training – Google my business

Optimise your online business profile and ensure you create that all important first impression.  Discover why and how you need to be present on ‘Google My Business’

Social Media Training – Social Media in 2021

Discover what’s coming in all social media platforms this year, including a look at each of the platforms in turn and discover where you can take your social strategy in the year to come.